Sealing the Deal – The Contract with Yourself

The ACPWC would like to introduce you to Janet Janssen, a dedicated public servant, community educator and creative talent whose mission is to assist individuals, organizations and communities to achieve their desired goals. (read more about Janet here)  Below is an article written by Janet designed to inspire you to attain to success.

Sealing the Deal – The Contract with Yourself

In one way or another, we are all chasing some form of success. Outer success can happen, but the sustainability of success is really about our personal essence- what is inside of us. If we want external success, we need to cultivate our internal success so that we have a solid foundation upon which we can build and base our external world. As within, so without. Without that solid foundation, external success will likely be fleeting.

I was recently inspired by a talk given by Barbara De Angelis at the Author 101 Conference 2014 in Los Angeles. She was talking about how success is deeper than becoming a world famous author. Barbara had asked participants what they expected to gain from the conference. There were three responses that she received repeatedly that formed a common theme.

What the attendees all seemed to want was to “Get the deal, seal a contract, or get an endorsement”. Everyone was chasing something that was external. Something “out there” that would act as an affirmation that they were succeeding. Some sign that they were making it.

But the real deal, Barbara was saying, is the one we make with ourselves. That is the contract that we need to make and fulfill. And that deal, that contract, is to never give up on our dreams. Our contract with ourselves is to see our vision through before we die. If we want others to believe in us and endorse us, then we must first believe in ourselves. And that means valuing our dreams as much as we want others to value them.

It is easy to get caught up in the, “I must write a best seller; I need to have a huge contract with xyz publishing house; I want the right people to like me and  endorse me” and forget that the world outside of me needs to match what is inside of me.

Outer success can happen, but the sustainability of success is really about our personal essence, what is inside of us. Barbara said that our gift to the world is already inside of us and that our job is to get it out! I could not agree more!

So shake your own hand. Seal the deal with yourself. Endorse yourself. Commit to fulfilling the most important contract you have!

May you always follow your Dreams.


Janet has an incredible workshop coming up on April 26-27.

April 26: Full day, exploring success strategies and tactics for creative and  interactive insights giving the attendee practical takeaways. Tools & exercises to help complete those unmet Q 1 goals.

April 27: Half day event takes your dreams, passions and insights and explores how to use vision boards and other creative art forms that reveal how you can achieve and release those blocking you from getting what you want.  To help you thrive in life!

My focus in all the work I do is about  Balance: Mind, Body & Spirit.

Special rates and prices (materials included)

For more information, please click on the image below.

Icon for Website

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The Wedding Planner’s Emergency Kit

As professional Wedding Planners, we all want the wedding day to be successful and the couple to be worry-free and happy.  Unfortunately, bumps in the road occur.  To combat these, every Planner should be equipped with a handy emergency kit containing supplies for anticipated mishaps. But what should you carry in it?  The ACPWC compiled the following list to keep your day running smoothly:


Click here for ready-made emergency kit

  1. mini emergency kit* – bandaids, gauze, neosporin, tweezers, and anticeptic wipes.
  2. mini pharmaceutical kit – Ibuprofen, alka seltzer, benadryl, immodium and visine.
  3. personal hygiene kit – q-tips, makeup remover, face wipes, tissues, underarm deodorant, hand sanitizer, suntan lotion, toothpaste and toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash, breath mints, tampons, pantyliners, baby powder, bobby pins, hairspray, comb and brush, mirror, etc…
  4. mini nail kit – clear nail polish, white nail polish, nail polish remover, nail file.
  5. mini sewing kit – needle and thread, safety pins, pushpins, scissors.
  6. mini tool kit – exacto knife, tape measure, wire, pliers, rubber bands, stapler sandpaper, superglue, duct tape scissors.
  7. clothing – dark pair of socks, spare underwear, black and/or wedding color ribbon, tide pen, chalk (also for covering a stain on a white dress), lint remover, dryer sheets for static control.
  8. long-necked disposable lighter  - for lighting candles.
  9. small snacks and a bottle of water 

Wedding day emergencies are inevitable.  The better prepared you are, the smoother it will go.  Happy planning!

*Warning:  Do not hand these to anyone.  To avoid legal repercussions, have these properly marked and available for individuals to retrieve on their own. (Idea:  Have a basket with medications available on the counter in the bathroom.)

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ACPWC Certified Wedding Planners in Ceremony Magazine’s GREAT List

mirandaProfessional Wedding Consultant, Miranda Meisenbach from M.I.R.A. Events and Design,  was recently featured in Ceremony Magazine’s GREAT list, along with two more of ACPWC’s Wedding Planners, Crystal Lequang CWC, and Jelena Crone PWC.  Congratulations Miranda!

Why did you choose a wedding planning career?

I started getting into events when I was just 16 years old. At one of my first jobs, I bounced back and forth to different departments in the office assisting on various projects. My secret favorite was the marketing department, where we would plan everything from large open houses to awards dinners. From there, my passion for organizing events lead me to pursue a career in the industry.

I spent the next couple of years learning as much as I could about event planning and management. After some time and some major life changes, I decided to start my own business. Unfortunately, my timing was terrible. It was 2008, and the economy was on a devastating downward spiral. I took a job at a local bridal salon to make ends meet, and it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me.

During my time at the bridal store, I fell in love. I fell in love with lace, tulle, drapery, crystal, china and flowers. I fell in love with exotic venues, romantic love stories and the sweet, sweet moment of “I do”.

Ceremony Magazine -home_sf_over_2014-1

Miranda Meisenbach featured in Ceremony Magazine’s GREAT list!

From there, I decided to complete a certification course in wedding planning. I found my match through the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants. I was drawn to their high standards and difficult training course, and desired to be known as one of the best.

I completed the training course and my first wedding in 2008 and have worked on weddings and events ever since.

In 2011, I received my Professional Wedding Consultant (PWC) title through the ACPWC, and am close to achieving my Certified Wedding Consultant (CWC) title.  In addition, I proudly serve as the Event Designer for the Silicon Valley NACE chapter and have been doing so for going on 3 years.

Thank you for sharing with us, Miranda.  We have enjoyed watching you grow to be the professional you are today, and are proud to have you as a strong team member of the ACPWC.

The ACPWC takes pride in educating and supporting our members to become the best in the wedding industry.  If you need a recommendation for a professional wedding planner near you, please give us a call.  Or if you would like to receive more information on how to become a professional wedding consultant, please click here.

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The Wedding Market Interview With ACPWC

deborah_moodyThe ACPWC’s own Deborah Moody will be participating in a live stream interview hosted by wedding industry expert, Julie Albaugh, owner of The Wedding Market.  This live twitter chat will be on Wednesday, March 26, at 10:00 am PST.

Designed to give wedding experts a wider exposure and having over 44,000 organic followers, delivers a virtually boundless marketing reach.  Past Live Twitter chats and online events have been done with Disney, The Knot, Cake Boss, Preston Bailey, Alan Berg and more.

weddingmarketlogoThe topic to be discussed will be Blurred Lines – Helping Couples Manage Expectations.  Certified Wedding Planner and expert, Deborah Moody, will address issues such as: Helping couples understand their roles and responsibilities in the wedding planning process.  See the listing here.  To get some great tips, come join us for this live chat on Wednesday (click here).



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Wedding Trends in 2014 – What’s Happening?

Couples around the world look forward to creating their very special wedding day in ways that are not only unique, but reflect their individual personalities.  To help you in your wedding planning process, the ACPWC rounded up the latest trends for your convenience. Below is what we found to be trending this year.

Here are a few trends Stephanie Fraiman from The Knot, the number one wedding planning site, speaks highly of in her article on The Wall Street Journal:

 Woodland Weddings - “The big wedding theme this year looks rustic and natural with sophisticated, glamorous accents.  The centerpieces are branchy and green with lots of lush flowers and a pop of sparkle.”  And with this beautiful trend, couples are taking the inside out…

The Knot - Inside Out

And bringing the outside in…

The Knot - Outside In

Both are quite beautiful choices.

All-Nighter Weddings - “Couples like to party more than ever, and want their weddings to last…Once the reception ends, the party continues. Keep the fun going by changing up the style and vibe and moving the party into another room or even an alternate venue.”  Stephanie goes on to remind us to make arrangements for alternate transportation home or back to the hotel as a courtesy for guests for safety reasons..

Jeweled Necklines - “Simple, classic wedding dresses with added sparkle along the neckline — from sheer illusion necklines with small beading to larger, embroidered rhinestones and crystals” are in this year.  “And since most wedding photos are taken from the waist up, sparkly or unique details are best captured on the neckline or around the waist of the wedding dress.”

The Knot - jeweled neckline

Photo from The Knot

Carolina Herrera 2014















Carolina Herrera Fall 2014

Sottero and Midgely - Maggie Sottero 2014

 Sottero and Midgely – Maggie Sottero 2014

Thanks for the update on wedding trends, Stephanie.  For more details, please see The Knot’s article here.

There are a variety of ideas and resources at your fingertips to help you get very creative on your never-to-be-forgotten wedding day.  If you are in need of a Professional Wedding Planner near you, give us a call.  The ACPWC  has many excellent recommendations.

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A Wedding Is an Expense, But a Marriage Is an Investment

photo for article- source - Happy Wives Club

 Photo source:  Happy wives club 


By Angie Mack, three strands {weddings & events}

He proposed.  You said “Yes!” Y’all are elated about the engagement. Aw…the wedding planning begins…. Au contraire, my friend!  Before you jump into anything…in fact, before you even set the wedding date or book that perfect venue, now is the ideal time to start preparing yourself for the journey of marriage beyond the wedding ceremony. By preparing, I mean, to invest in pre-marital counseling. This thing called ‘marriage preparation’ deserves your undivided attention.

Wedding planning is a complicated event–a daunting task. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event and can easily consume time and energy.  This is why you need to hire a professional wedding planner to do that part for you; allowing you to be stress-free. Your planner can help you save time and money, which will allow you to direct that tangible savings into investing in pre-marital counseling in preparation for your marriage.

Even a small amount of coaching can have a detectable, positive influence on a couple’s level of marital contentment. Pre-marital counseling will address the unique issues couples face and truly prepare them for marriage. It will give you the chance to enhance your core relationship skills. Additionally, it is a great avenue to talk openly about your expectations now, before you’re married. Counseling will focus on the major foundations of marriage including, but not limited to, the following:

*  Communication:  It is the vital link to every aspect of your relationship.  It is not just important, but essential, to a strong marriage.

*  Financial management:  Each individual has differing views regarding finances. Blending and budgeting your finances is not one’s idea of romantic.  In fact, money is rarely discussed before the “I do”.  When you marry, most likely you will be affected by your spouse’s financial history and behaviors—which, for some, leads to financial stress.  Money is cited as the leading cause of divorce.

*  Marital expectations:  When your expectations are not met, it often leads to disappointments…dissatisfaction.

*   Marital intimacy:  This covers more than just sex.  It includes emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy.

*  Personality temperaments:  Understand what makes your partner “tick,” so you can celebrate each other’s individuality.

*  Love Language: Learning to speak your partner’s “Love Language” will enhance your communication and spice up your marriage.  It is the key to meeting your partner’s need for emotional love.

There’s more to marriage than choosing the perfect wedding dress to fit your body type…where to honeymoon…selecting the picture-perfect venue…need I say more?  Again, think beyond the wedding ceremony.  While the dream for that ultimate, beautiful wedding is understandable, a beautiful marriage should be even more coveted.  What will your marriage really be like in six months, in five years  –  perhaps wonder if your love will sustain the first year?  How do you know if you’re ready to get married, or if this is the right person?  Do you really know him/her?  What baggage are you both bringing in to the marriage?  These are really difficult questions. Yet, most couples don’t address them.  They believe their love for one another is enough.  Your closest family and friends might have validated this.  Yep, even the Beatles sang it best “All you need is love.”  Fact is, couples today are separating, contemplating divorce, because love alone is not enough.

Many people have described newly married as “wedded bliss.”  In the midst of this happiness state are deep underlying issues that surface once they’re married…perhaps in a day, week, month, or even a year after their wedding.  You’ve probably experienced a few disagreements and arguments during courtship.  Do you know these will inevitably continue once you’re married?  There will be “He said,” “She said.” At the very first sight of conflict, one or even both may be ready to “call it quits.” Those that do survive and are happy, work hard to develop relationship skills.

In 2013 alone, the average wedding cost in the United States was upwards of $25,000. Such an astounding expense to prepare for a beautiful, elaborate wedding day, but what about the investment needed in preparing to make the marriage work?  Statistics say that more than 2.1 million people will get married this year.  If you are included in that count, it is crucial to embark on this lifetime marriage with a strong foundation.  During marriage preparation, the important thing is that you’ll know how to handle challenges effectively.  Wouldn’t it be great if you equipped yourselves with the right answers now…before you get married?  Better yet, once married, you’ll most likely have a marriage that doesn’t just survive, but really thrives!

Married almost 32 years– and over eight (8) years of having counseled couples who are engaged, newly married and even marriage in crisis –I strongly believe that separation and divorce results from the lack of preparation for marriage, coupled by the failure to work together as teammates once married. The famous Benjamin Franklin says it best, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Prepare now. Preparation time is never a waste of time. Invest in your marriage, and your wedding day will last a lifetime. Not sure who said this, but “It’ll work if you work it.”

Is marriage preparation/pre-marital counseling on your checklist?  It should be!

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Professional Wedding Consultant Hits the Cover of Ceremony Magazine!

Jelena Crone - Professional Wedding ConsultantThe ACPWC is proud to share with you the exciting news about  Jelena Crone, Professional Wedding Consultant and a loyal member of the ACPWC.  Jelena is the owner and principle designer of Bridevine and Branches, a reputable wedding planning and design company in the San Francisco area.  Recently, her floral & event design work has been chosen for the cover of Ceremony Magazine!!  Check it out below.


Jelena's event design















Kudos to you, Jelena, and your design assistant, Malinda Casey!

If you would like a copy, you can pick one up at your local Barnes & Nobles in most San Francisco Bay Area locations.


Do you dream of becoming a Wedding Planner?  Make your dream a reality with professional training and mentorship.  Look here for more information on the ACPWC’s upcoming classes.

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ACPWC Wedding Planner Recognized by Wedding Chicks

Tracey Irish, Certified Wedding Consultant and a member of the APCWC, has been recognized by Wedding Chicks for her incredible creativity.

Tracey Irish 2

Megan Jeanne Photography



















“A glistening gold theme threaded its way through the entire shoot, from spray painted eucalyptus leaves, gold rimmed china and, and elegant calligraphy that was hand drawn by the model …..Organic never looked so chic! …”(see rest of article here)

What fabulous decorating, Tracey!

About Tracey Irish
can’t say i do … without you

Traci Irish

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ACPWC Member’s SF Garden Wedding Featured in Style Me Pretty

The ACPWC is proud to share a beautiful garden wedding featured on Style Me Pretty and coordinated by one of our distinguished members, Arlene Marcos of Ah … New Beginnings.    (See the wedding below) Arlene After I graduated from the University of California at Davis in 1992, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Managerial Economics, I completed a training course with The Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants ( in San Jose, CA. I started my business in July 1993. Alongside my business, I have worked in the corporate world for 7 years as an office manager for a start-up company, an administrative assistant for multiple directors and a health fair coordinator. I enjoy managing, coordinating and multi-tasking in my work. I decided to leave the corporate world to focus on weddings because I love watching brides and grooms relax and enjoy their special day, while I coordinate all the details. I am an active member of ACPWC and I received my Certification in April 2011. I am the Mentor Program Director for the association.

Backyard Garden Wedding in San Francisco

Wedding Coordination by Certified Wedding Consultant, Arlene Marcos Ah … New Beginnings Arlene MarcoArlene Marco 21 Arlene Marco 20 Arlene Marco 19 Arlene Marco 18 Arlene Marco 16 Arlene Marco 15 Arlene Marco 13 Arlene Marco 12 Arlene Marco 11 Arlene Marco 10 Arlene Marco 9 Arlene Marco 8 Arlene Marco 7 Arlene Marco 6 Arlene Marco 5 Arlene Marco 4 Arlene Marco 2                    

Photography by Take a Look Photo


























































































































What a Beautiful wedding, Arlene!  Thank you for sharing! For more photos of this wedding and the full story, check out Style Me Pretty’s blog.


Are you looking for a professionally trained wedding planner in your area? Click here

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Wedding Planners … Identify Your Brilliant Goals in 2014

Crystal LequangThe holidays have left … the New Year is on full blast.  A sense of natural urgency comes over us with all the work of upcoming events and weddings…where do we begin?

1) Begin with your Brilliance

Take a moment and think about why you do what you do, why you enjoy it, and what makes you good at it.  Think about how you need to organize yourself, your clients, your paperwork, etc. so that you can be most brilliant at it.  What can you take off your list that is nice to do, but not important to you or your next step right now?…  or maybe what people tell you that you need to do? This is where your brilliance comes in.  How can it get done?

Here’s a personal example:  I’m not into the financial paperwork, so I hired a bookkeeper for just a few hours here and there to get it done.  I love to sit for hours, picking colors, researching details on what I can add to a wedding, so I made sure to block out certain times of the week for that.

2) Identify your Brilliant goals for 2014

Write these down and prioritize your top 5-10. Identify 3 things that need to happen to achieve them.  Create a map (words, diagrams, whatever works for you) that you can visually see everyday from where you are working. If you are a cross-things- off-a-list kind of a person, make sure to do this on your list.

3) Think about the end result and work backwards Brilliantly 

Everyone always says plan ahead, prepare, do it before hand.  This is sometimes easier said than done.   Look at what your end result is and what it looks like, whether it is the wedding day of your client, a publication in a magazine you are getting, or a bridal show you will be participating in.  Envision the end result, what you want out of it, what it feels like, what the vision is, then picture all the way to the beginning of what you need to do to achieve the end result.

Above all else, believe in yourself.  You will always get a “no” if you don’t ask.  But you have a 50% chance of getting a “yes” if you do.

Crystal Lequang, CWC
amazáe | special events


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