…this continues Karen Casey’s experience into ACPWC and becoming certified.  Today, she is proud to be your instructor for many courses throughout the country!
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I took the ACPWC Training Course in 1997 and moved forward with working for my Professional and Certified titles.  In addition to adding a ton of hands-on wedding-planning experience on top of passing the training course, I was required to contribute a project that would benefit other members.  I was so impressed with the quality of the ACPWC training that I chose to bring the class from the West Coast to the East Coast for my certification project.

In March 1999, Marcia Coleman-Joyner flew to Atlanta to instruct the first-ever-non-California ACPWC class.  Ann Nola also attended this momentous occasion as well.  The class was held at The Whitlock Inn in Marietta, Georgia.  On the last day of class (Speakers’ Day) Ann presented me with my Certificate of Certification.  That was a BIG deal to me.  My ACPWC accreditation has served as a point of credibility to my brides and vendors in the industry. 

More than a decade of learning, experiences and relationships have accumulated with the ACPWC since finding their small advertisement in a bridal magazine. 

More stories later. 

Karen Casey, CWC

ACPWC Instructor


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1999: The First Atlanta ACPWC Course


Karen Casey being presented with her Certification